It's that Time of the Year Again for your Team to...



Get away from the daily grind. 


Think and grow stronger together. 


Become inspired again to win!

This year, make sure your
Team Building is
Effective & Exciting!

Playworks the resident Team Building Facilitators of Thunderbird Resort in Rizal, has years of experience serving the top companies in the Philippines by designing programs that address their specific needs and objectives. Our activities are not just games but opportunities to learn by doing and take away valuable lessons that are applicable to the workplace, all while participants interact and collaborate.

Our roster of Facilitators consists of experienced professionals who deliver value by debriefing and processing each activity. Not only do our Facilitators provide valuable insights, they also draw input and observations from the participants themselves because it’s just as important for them to learn from each other as it is to learn from the Facilitators and activities.

Our programs are tried and tested and can be further customized to meet your specific requirements. Do you need a program that is an intervention that addresses deep-seated issues on your team? Do you need activities that emphasize critical skills and behaviors that your team needs to succeed? Or do you just need your people to destress, have fun, and bond with their teammates? Playworks has a program for you.

Simply fill out the Request for Quotation form, and one of our Event Organizers will be in touch right away with a customized quotation that includes discounted corporate rates and an exciting full-day program!

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